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Today is 18,Oct,2019
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VESPA2V Clutch+ 3V150 Clutch
VESPA2V Clutch+ 3V150 ClutchVESPA2V Clutch+ 3V150 ClutchVESPA2V Clutch+ 3V150 Clutch
VESPA2V Clutch+ 3V150 Clutch Enlarge image
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Updated: 2018-09-05 09:26
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 Plymouth plate forged construction method, with a unique post-processing technology to achieve high durability and lightweight Increase the speed of the disk can achieve the effect of extending the tail surface mining special design, Higher friction with the belt, the power transmission is more direct. Special angle plate extending grooves and ball design, perfect for combining torque horsepower upgrade immediately. Forging disk to use to increase ball designed to reduce wear beads Plymouth, increasing the industry's first reaction force, the only designated use playing fields!